Trick (le) or Treat, it must be Halloween!

Trick (le) or Treat, it must be Halloween!

Trick (le) or Treat, it must be Halloween!

‘Ye old faithful’ Land rover sprang a bit more than a leak in its radiator at the start of the week so we were faced with the possibility of no transport.  After a bit of tyre kicking, a lot of teeth sucking and a few phone calls Dave managed to source a replacement which he swiftly fitted with the help of my Dad.

The sheer notion of being left carless in the countryside whilst running a business  was a touch too much for me I have to say.  And so, the long overdue repair of my big black truck has finally taken place, hurray!

We have had some extra help in the Winery in the form of our girls Martha and Florence who are enjoying yet another school holiday! Digging out a few tons of grape skins from the fermentation tank can be pretty strenuous  work and after two long days we are all feeling a bit frazzled. The wine is safely in the storage cuves and even though the wine is by no means finished,  the early signs are looking good. Both the Merlot and the Cabernet grapes have given us tons of luscious, juicy fruit and really soft tannins this year.

Imagine our horror the next morning (Halloween!) when we discovered that one of the storage tanks had sprung a leak in the night. We were greeted by  a lake of our precious red wine which by now was ankle deep and all over the winery floor. We lost about 900 bottles worth of wine but it could have been so much worse, the whole tank could have gone and that would have been 4500 bottles. So I guess we were quite lucky in the end!

We are looking forward to next week now. We have the final harvest of the year on Tuesday 6th November with our hand pick of the limited edition sweet wine. If you are interested in helping out please come along, everybody is welcome and willing helpers will be well rewarded at lunch time!

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